The decision to have breast augmentation surgery isn’t an easy one to make. You have to answer a lot of questions – Is it safe? Can I get the results I hope for? Do I have a surgeon I trust? How will I pay for it?

Once you’ve answered these questions, it can be discouraging to find you aren’t completely satisfied with the implant options available to you. Silicone implants run the risk of silent rupture. Saline implants may not have the natural feel you are hoping for.

You do have another option when choosing an implant – the IDEAL IMPLANT. Robert Hamas, MD, with help from investigators like Dr. Slack, developed the IDEAL IMPLANT to fill a need he saw in the implant market. As a plastic surgeon, he spent much of his career helping women evaluate the pros and cons of silicone and saline implants. He wanted an implant with the best features of both, without the drawbacks.


The IDEAL IMPLANT design uses the same materials as a saline implant – silicone shells and salt water. However, the implant isn’t just a pouch filled with water. It is structured. There is an inner shell and an outer shell that are each filled with saline. In addition to these shells, there are silicone baffles within the outer shell that decrease the motion of the saline. The result is an implant with a more nature feel than the standard saline implant.


This is of particular benefit for women who start out with smaller breasts, as they don’t have a lot of natural breast tissue to offset the water balloon feeling of a saline implant. The IDEAL IMPLANT’s design feels more natural, even without a lot of natural breast tissue surrounding it.


This design also overcomes the concern of silent rupture associated with silicone implants. The IDEAL IMPLANT can still rupture, but as with any saline implant, the saline is quickly absorbed and poses no health concerns.

Once Dr. Hamas designed the implant, he enlisted respected plastic surgeons around the country to use the implant with selected patients. Dr. Slack was one of these initial investigators. Dr. Slack’s feedback helped ensure the best possible adjustments to the final design as well as its safety. He is one of a limited number of surgeons in North Texas who now offers the IDEAL IMPLANT to his patients.

It may turn out that a traditional saline or silicone implant really is the right choice for you. But don’t let the idea that they are the only choices stop you from achieving the look and feel you want. The IDEAL IMPLANT offers another option.

If you think the IDEAL IMPLANT will work for you, Dr. Slack is running a special during the holiday season. Choose to have breast augmentation with IDEAL IMPLANTS and receive $500 off through the end of 2016!

The very best way to make this choice is in  with an experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Slack would like to offer that opportunity for you. Please schedule a consultation with him to discuss the choice that will help you best achieve your goals.