When the leaves on the trees start to change, it is time for certified Dallas-Ft. Worth plastic surgeons to get ready. Fall is an ideal time for people who are not quite ready to deal with the summer heat and humidity of Texas summers. It also happens to be a great time for patients seeking elective cosmetic surgery procedures in Dallas-Ft, Worth because their recovery will be much easier during this season.

No one really wants to wear a tight, extra layer of clothing during a hot Texas July and it’s hard to hide a compression garment under a bikini further limiting typical summer fun activities. Cooler weather and the inherent clothing changes that occur along with it make wearing these garments more comfortable and easier to conceal under bulkier clothes (allowing for a more discrete recovery period) during. the fall.

The Holiday season also tends to provide more opportunities for time off from work. Extra days off or large blocks of time off from work (teachers) around the holidays provide ample time to get through the more difficult early stages of recovery without having to take additional days off from work. Changes in the ability to work from home due to COVID have also made it easier to recover from a job standpoint as many patients can easily work from home 3-4 days after surgery if not sooner depending on what procedure they had done.

The timing of surgery to full healing/recover also make this an excellent time of year to have surgery. The healing process takes 6 months. Although most will feel like they are back to normal much sooner than this, they won’t actually look their best until they are fully healed. Swelling is significant for the first 2 weeks after most procedures. By 2 months most, but not all of the swelling has resolved: however, there still can be fluctuations with increased activity or high salty diets. At 6 months all the post-surgical swelling will have dissipated. Consequently, having your surgery during the fall puts you on track to look your best by Spring.

If these reasons are not enough to get you thinking about having a cosmetic procedure this fall, there is one last one. It’s the gift giving season. The gift of a cosmetic procedure to someone who has been considering one or to yourself is a great idea and is usually much appreciated. 

We are just as happy to see you during this time of year! Make an appointment today and learn more about Fall Plastic Surgery season at North Texas Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Allen, TX by calling 214-618-2442 or visit us online HERE. We have over 20 years’ experience providing both surgical & non-surgical cosmetic procedures.