In the world of breast augmentation surgery, you would think all roads lead to a “C” cup. For a large percentage of women, this represents the “just-right” breast size, not too big, not too small. But a C cup on one woman does not look the same as it does on the next woman. Furthermore, just what is a C cup? Bra manufacturers don’t even know. You may be a C cup in one manufacturer’s bra but a B or D cup in another brand. There is no standardization of cup size so basing your goals/ happiness solely on cup size is fool’s gold.

That’s because the idea of a C cup represents more of an ideal and not an actual size. What many women are really shooting for when they say C cup is the size that comes off as full, but not too full. The same goes for any cup size from A all the way up – it’s not the size, it’s how you want your new breasts to look on your body.

Rather than bra cup size, breast implant size is measured by volume in milliliters or “cc’s.” Breast implants exist in sizes from 100cc up to 800cc, but most women choose something in the 300cc to 500cc range. There are several factors to consider as you decide what size is right for you.

Your Frame

Any given breast implant size is going to have a completely different look on a woman who is 5’3” and 115 pounds than it will on a woman who is 5’10” and 170. In addition, if you start out as a full B cup, you won’t need as large an implant as the woman who starts as a size A. If your neighbor’s 400cc implants are perfect for her, it doesn’t mean 400cc implants are right for you.

Your Personality

Are you extroverted and a little showy? You might feel more comfortable with something on the larger size. But if you are uncomfortable calling attention to yourself, a larger implant may make you feel self-conscious. Think about the kinds of clothes you envision yourself wearing and how you hope to look in them. Let this be a guide to what size will work best for you.

Your Lifestyle

If you are extremely active in the outdoors or in physical fitness pursuits, larger implants may become a nuisance for you. If you have a busy social life that requires lots of evening gowns, that might influence your choice in the opposite direction. Take your lifestyle into consideration so that your choice works for you when it is most important. 

Your Profile Preference

Implants come in different shapes as well as sizes. The shape is known as the profile, and some profiles project outward from the chest more than others. So two different 400cc implants could produce a very different appearance. It’s important to consider more than just size – think about the overall look you want to achieve with your implants.

Your  Decision

Fortunately, choosing a breast implant size isn’t all guesswork. There are resources to help you choose the size and shape that best suits you.

Look at Before and After Pictures. Your surgeon should be able to share some pre-and post-implant pictures of women with a similar body type to yours. This will help you get a feel for what the different sizes will look like on you.

Try Some Sizers. Your surgeon should have sizer implants that you can place into your bra to simulate how the various sizes will look on you. You might bring a friend to this event to get feedback from someone who knows you and what results you are hoping for.

If you are interested in playing around with sizers at home, you can make your own with pantyhose and rice. One cup of rice is roughly equivalent to a 250cc implant. You should still try real sizers at your surgeon’s office, but this will give you a chance to see how different sizes feel as you go about some of your regular activities.

Consider Your Surgeon’s Expertise. Make no mistake, the size of your breast implants is a personal choice. It should make you happy. But do remember your surgeon has performed many of these procedures. He’s got years of experience with what works well, what doesn’t work so well, and what doesn’t work at all.

There is a difference between personal opinion and surgical expertise, and a good surgeon will use his expertise to help you achieve your goals, not his.

If you are ready to schedule a consultation for breast augmentation surgery, please contact us. Dr. Slack looks forward to meeting you.