National BRA Day is October 15th, 2014

Fall is finally here and while we start to think about sweaters and jackets we also must think about what’s underneath them: bras. Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day is a national movement to increase women’s awareness of their breast reconstruction options following a mastectomy. Less than 25% of women fully understand their options for reconstruction after surgery and only 19% of women understand that the timing of their decision to undergo surgery greatly impacts their results. Whether you decide to undergo breast reconstruction or not, it is important you know all your options before it’s too late to make a decision.

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that recreates the breasts for a woman following a mastectomy. There are three main steps:

  • Creation of a new breast mound
  • Touch-ups of the reconstruction, and possible modification of the opposite breast (lift, reduction) in patients having a mastectomy of one side (optional)
  • Creation of a new nipple and areola (optional)

Reconstructed breasts cannot replace the real thing – but they come pretty close. A reconstructed breast(s) will not have the same sensation or feel like a real breast, and you will have incision lines, although they can be concealed in the areola. The look and feel may be a little different and some women report a loss of sensation in the chest.

There are three main types of breast reconstruction:

  • Reconstruction Using Implants: Uses an implant filled with silicone gel or saline to recreate the breast mound.
  • Autologous Reconstruction: Breast mound is built using tissue “borrowed” from another part of your body. This type usually can produce more natural-looking breasts than implants.
  • Autologous Tissue with Implant: Uses smaller tissue expander/implant with your own upper back tissue because of the limited volume of your back tissue.

Recovering from breast reconstruction can last anywhere from one week to eight weeks, depending on your specific case and procedure. Hospital stays can last a few nights and you’ll want to be prepared for this by taking off work and finding childcare or pet care. You must have time to rest after surgery.

In addition to physical recovery, you’ll also need a support team and time to recovery emotionally. You may need a caregiver or trusted friend to help you complete tasks and you’ll need to maintain a healthy diet. There is a list of medicines Dr. Slack will provide prior to surgery that you must stop taking and if you smoke, you must quit prior to surgery. You’ll also need certain cleansers and ointments to clean your surgery site.
The Many Shapes and Sizes of Breast Augmentation 

Many women go through life feeling embarrassed about small or disproportionate breasts. Small or unshapely breasts can make clothes, bras and bathing suits unflattering and uncomfortable.

A breast augmentation can be many different things: a breast lift, lift with augmentation, reduction, or reconstruction. An augmentation can increase the overall size of the breasts, restore volume after pregnancy or weight loss, improve the shape of the breasts, balance the breast-to-hip ratio, correct asymmetry, create a new breast following a mastectomy, or just to improve the breast’s appearance. Breast augmentation is one of the most affordable and common procedures performed by members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Some clients have long been frustrated with the look and fit of their clothing, especially in swimsuits, and seek a more balanced, eye-catching figure. If you would like to feel more confident both in and out of your clothing, let Dr. Slack show you how transformative breast augmentation can be. All of the options for breast augmentation can be overwhelming. Dr. Slack will help you choose the correct implant size and procedure. There are several factors that can help you decide what size is right for you:

  • your breast anatomy
  • your body type
  • your desired increase in size
  • your lifestyle
  • your breast implant and incision preferences


You will have a choice between saline or silicone gel implants. Choice of implant depends on the individual situation and desired outcome. Implants come in a range of sizes, and women can choose to increase their breasts by one or more cup size. The surgery itself and implant placement depend on individual anatomy and body shape. To begin, Dr. Slack makes an incision in the skin to create a pocket where the implant is inserted. This is generally directly under the breast or beneath the chest muscle. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about one hour.

Dr. Charles Slack — certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery — is highly experienced in breast augmentation surgeries. Following his plastic surgery residency he was accepted into the Georgetown fellowship for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast, providing an excellent foundation for his many years of experience performing such surgeries for residents of Plano, McKinney, and the communities surrounding his Allen, Texas office. He is an expert in breast augmentations and is looking forward to discussing your breast augmentation options with you.