How Much Does A Breast Augmentation Cost?

Not surprisingly, one of the most searched terms relative to breast augmentation is “what does a breast augmentation cost?” Costs actually vary from Plastic Surgeon to Plastic Surgeon as well as from region to region across the country. So short of actually contacting a Plastic Surgeon’s office and asking, it is difficult to get an accurate answer. In some cases, even doing this may not give you the total cost of a breast enhancement procedure.

There are several cost components to a breast augmentation, and it is important to know that each one has been included when asking for a quote. These include the fee the surgeon charges to perform the procedure, the fee the anesthesiologist charges for providing anesthesia services, the fee the facility charges for using the operating room and the cost of the breast implants.

None of these charges are standardized but there are some general rules to be aware of. For instance, having the procedure done in a hospital will generally cost more than having it performed in a surgery center or doctor’s office. The type of breast implants you choose will also affect the cost. Silicone breast implants cost more than saline implants (about $1000 more a pair) and as you move to more cohesive (gummy bear) silicone implants the cost increases as well (about $1000 more a pair then standard silicone gel implants). As you can see, it is important to know what to ask for or you may be in for a little sticker shock when see the final quote.

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