Bellafill Injections in Allen

Bellafill is an injectable filler that’s FDA approved to treat nasolabial folds and certain types of acne scars.

Bellafill Injections in AllenNasolabial folds, sometimes called “smile lines,” extend from the nose to the corners of the mouth. Bellafill provides instant smoothness, with long-lasting results: In the longest and largest study ever conducted on dermal fillers, Bellafill was proven to be effective through five years. That means that you can enjoy your results for much longer than you would with hyaluronic acid-based fillers.

For acne scars, Bellafill yields instant smoothness that you can appreciate as soon as you leave the office, and it’s been clinically proven to last through twelve months. Bellafill is approved for use on men and women who are 21 and older. It works on distensible and atrophic acne scars on the cheeks. Distensible scars smooth out when you tug on them; atrophic scars are pitted or depressed in the skin.

Bellafill has 2 main components:

  • Smooth collagen gel (80%) forms the base of Bellafill, creating smooth, supple volume beneath the surface of the nasolabial folds.
  • Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres (20%) are suspended within the collagen gel. These form a sturdy scaffold where your own natural collagen grows.

Thanks to its 2 innovative components, Bellafill creates instant results that you can enjoy as soon as you leave the office. As the original collagen gel fades away, your body naturally replaces it with your own collagen around the microspheres, for unparalleled long-term smoothness.

Bellafill Safety

Bellafill is FDA approved, and both its collagen gel and its PMMA microspheres have established records of safety. PMMA is an acrylic material that’s widely used in medicine. Bellafill is safe for skin of all types and colors. However, an allergy test is required prior to treatment to make sure prospective patients aren’t sensitive to the product.


What is Bellafill and how does it work?

Bellafill is a smooth, collagen gel-based dermal filler that contains tiny PMMA microspheres. The collagen gel in Bellafill provides immediate volume and lift to correct lines and wrinkles, smoothing them away for instant results. Even as the collagen is absorbed by your body, the PMMA microspheres remain in place, creating a “scaffold” that triggers and supports your own natural collagen production that gradually replaces the collagen gel from the initial injections.

Is Bellafill safe?

Yes. Bellafill is FDA approved and has been proven safe and effective in rigorous clinical studies.

As with many injectable fillers, you may experience bruising, itching, pain, swelling, redness, discoloration, lumpiness, bumps, acne, or increased sensitivity at the treatment site. These side effects usually resolve themselves quickly.

What results can I expect with Bellafill for nasolabial folds? How long does it take to see them?

Bellafill creates a lasting improvement in your skin by smoothing out the lines around the nasolabial folds. There’s no required downtime after your treatment with Bellafill. You can return to your normal routine immediately.

What treatment options currently exist for acne scars?

Topical treatments, chemical peels, dermabrasion, microneedling, and laser resurfacing are among the current available treatment options for acne scars. However, some of these treatments may require significant downtime. In some cases, results can take time to emerge — and other treatments often lack rigorous, controlled data to support their safety or efficacy.

Bellafill is the only filler that’s approved by the FDA to treat acne scars, providing an entirely new treatment choice for patients.

How frequently should you have Bellafill treatments?

In a clinical study on acne scarring, Bellafill remained safe and effective for patients through twelve months. In a separate clinical study on smoothing out nasolabial folds (smile lines), its safety and effectiveness was established through five years. Your individual treatment plan will take these findings into account and develop a schedule that works best for you.

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