Your body has done a wonderful thing—grown and nurtured a brand new human being or three. But as much as you love motherhood, you may not care for the effect pregnancy has had on your body.

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, addresses issues that are common after pregnancy or significant weight loss, such as separated abdominal muscles and excess loose skin. But you may have noticed that the tummy isn’t the only body part left with residual effects of pregnancy.

Breasts also take a hit. Between pregnancy hormones, weight gain, breastfeeding and weight loss, breasts are workhorses when it comes to nurturing new life. It’s no wonder they don’t look the same after pregnancy.

This is why many women who are considering a tummy tuck often decide to go ahead and have a Mommy Makeover. By combining a tummy tuck with breast augmentation, lift, or reduction (depending on the circumstances) and possibly some liposuction, they are able to address concerns about their breasts at the same time they deal with their tummy.

If you know you will want breast surgery at some point, there are some real advantages to pursuing the Mommy Makeover.

One surgery means going under anesthesia only once. While the risk associated with anesthesia is small, it is still a risk. One surgery instead of two can minimize those concerns.

The flipside: a combined surgery will take a bit longer, which means more time under anesthesia in one surgery. For healthy women, this shouldn’t pose a problem, but it’s worth discussing the pros and cons with your surgeon.

One recovery – recovery from a cosmetic surgery can be difficult. Plus, it requires time off work. You can minimize the number of vacation days you need and consolidate the recoveries by combining surgeries.

The flipside: it may feel overwhelming to consider recovering from both surgeries at once. If so, multiple surgeries might be the right solution for you.

One reveal of your brand new body! Having everything done at once definitely offers a big WOW factor – and you deserve it after all you’ve done for your babies.

The flipside: you might feel a little shy about having plastic surgery; choosing to have individual procedures will allow for a more gradual and less obvious change.

How you choose to approach these two procedures is up to you. Consider your personal circumstances and make the decision that works best for you. As long as it is medically safe, there isn’t really a wrong way to approach this. Dr. Slack is available to discuss all of your options during a consultation. Please get in touch to have your questions answered.