Collagen and elastin are essential proteins found in the body that have many important functions. These two proteins work together to give the skin its shape and firmness. As we start to age, our collagen and elastin production steadily decline. Weak collagen translates to crepey, wrinkled skin, while weak elastic fibers contribute to sagging skin.

According to board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Slack of Allen, there are treatments that can help support our collagen production, “with age, collagen and elastin loss in skin affects how we look.  Venus Viva™ (nano-fractionated radio frequency needling) plus products like Sculptra® and Retin A, help stimulate collagen and elastin production…balancing their loss and making our skin look healthier. I feel these modalities are an essential part of a skin maintenance regimen that will keep you looking younger longerin addition to improvingyour appearance.”

Sculptra® Aesthetic is an innovative product that is injected like a filler. Unlike a filler, Sculptra® causes the body to create its own collagen, making it more of a “volumizer” of the entire face instead of just filling individual lines or folds. Because itstimulates your skin’s natural collagen production, it works more subtly than a filler, gradually producing improvement over time for a more youthful-looking appearance. Many patients who have been treated with it, feel that their results are more natural.

Retin A contains the active ingredient, Tretinoin, a naturally occurring form of vitamin A. Retin A works by speeding up the skin’s metabolism to promote cellular turnover. As skin cells turnover, they increasecollagen and elastin production, while preventing the breakdown of collagen, making it one of the most effective anti-aging topical treatments. In addition, it has been shown to be effective in reversing sun damage as well as some pre-cancerous skin conditions.

When patients need to stimulate collagen production and restore the elasticity of their skin, Devan Jesmer, licensed aesthetician of Skin Remedy MD med spa, uses the Venus Viva™ device for fast treatments with minimal downtime. This device uses tiny pins that safely deliver heat via NanoFractional Radio Frequency that penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The heating tightens collagen bundles in the skin while the needles createtiny micro-dermal wounds, which the body then naturally heals on its own. The healing processresults in the production of collagen fibers and healthy skin cells. The results are smoother, firmer skinwith reduced visibility of textural and hyperpigmentation issues.

Our skin starts to age in our 30’s and although you may not feel that yourskin is looking older, it’s never too early to start counteracting some of the aging process.

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