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Award Winning Scar and Skin Repair Treatment

January 21, 2021|

Venus Concept Venus Viva™ has been named Scar & Skin Repair Treatment of the Year from the My Face My Body Global Aesthetic Awards for 2020! The Venus Viva aesthetic device was recognized for innovation and customer excellence. Top plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Slack, is pleased to offer Venus Viva [...]

Which Breast Implants are Best, Silicone or Saline?

January 12, 2021|

Patients often ask if saline or silicone breast implants are better for breast augmentation. Understanding the characteristics of the various implants is key in choosing the appropriate implant that is going to achieve thelookand feel you desire. There are many types, sizes and profiles of breast implants to consider. Dr. Charles [...]

Natural Looking Hair Restoration Results

December 28, 2020|

Hair loss treatment options have improved tremendously! Your hair can be restored to a more natural, youthful appearance with little downtime. Thicker, fuller hair can be achieved through a minimally invasive technique called follicular unit extraction (FUE), a major advancement in hair restoration. Dr. Charles Slack in Allen highly recommends [...]

What Treatments Build Collagen and Elastin?

December 16, 2020|

Collagen and elastin are essential proteins found in the body that have many important functions. These two proteins work together to give the skin its shape and firmness. As we start to age, our collagen and elastin production steadily decline. Weak collagen translates to crepey, wrinkled skin, while weak elastic [...]

Loose Skin after Weight Loss. Now What?

November 11, 2020|

After weight loss, especially substantial weight loss, loose skin often remains no matter how much diet and exercise you do. Your options to reduce loose skin vary depending on how much loose skin you have. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Slack, will discuss with you the best options for [...]

Tummy Tuck, Liposuction or Something Else?

November 2, 2020|

If you are frustrated by the excess fat and skin around your tummy, there are surgical (tummy tuck and liposuction) and non-invasive (Venus Freeze) body contouring options for you to consider. Despite exercise and healthy eating, many women and men desire a more trim, toned, and tighter abdomen. Pregnancy, for [...]

When is Eyelid Surgery Better Than Botox?

September 30, 2020|

Our eyes can reveal our age and make us look tired. They are usually the first noticeable signs of aging. Now that we are wearing masks to protect us from Covid-19, as well as engaging in more Zoom conferences, our eyes are even more on display. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. [...]

How to Look Your Best on Zoom

August 24, 2020|

Video conferencing has caused us to take a hard look at ourselves. It has kindled a desire in many of us to want to look better while online. Whether it is tired-looking eyes, crow’s feet, forehead lines or the overall appearance of our skin, both men and women are seeking [...]

Why Breast Implants with a Breast Lift?

August 10, 2020|

“Often when I ask a patient what it is about her breasts that bothers her, she will tell me that her breasts are droopy. Yet, when I examine her breasts, they are not droopy at all. Instead, they lack or have lost fullness in the upper part of the breasts,” [...]

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